Camilia Cabello and Matthew Hussey seems upset about their unexpected event of a breakup.

Camilia and Matthew had been dating since 2018. They had enough compatibility and it seemed that the relationship would last long. However, on unfortunate terms, both have finally parted ways. The reasons behind the breakup are not known though fans are speculating. Camilia seems upset about this unexpected event of a breakup.

The split

Camilia Cabello and Matthew Hussey have been dating for a year. Nothing much was known about their relationship. It seems like the love birds had decided to keep it secretive. However, it was unveiled that they have been dating but have now parted ways in unfortunate terms.

Camilia the 19 years old pop star, has been asked many a time regarding the muse of her love songs. She has stated that she has never been in a long term relationship. however, she does have a muse but her love remains unrequited whatsoever. She has added to her statement that, it has always been a one-sided love.

How were they as a pair?

Camilia and her beau had been together since 2018. Camilia has expressed some positive reactions to the relationship. She has confessed that Matthew is extremely good-natured and they both are weird in personal. Matthew makes her happy at all times.

Camilia after the Breakup

Camilia seems extremely depressed after the breakup. She says that the wounds would take time to heal. She also adds that she was hopeful of this relationship and was not expecting breakup. She says that whenever she comes out with a love song, she fantasizes about it and implements her emotions in a song. It was never known who she dedicates the songs too.

Fans are wishing for their reconciliation but chances are slim. However, it is not known whom Camilia is dating currently. Her relationship status is under the clouds again.