kawhi Leonard is going to meet Clippers, Lakers, Knicks, Raptors in LA


    As per the reports says next week Kawhi Leonard is going to the Clippers, Lakers, and Knicks in his hometown Los Angeles before having a  meeting with the Raptors.

    Cris Carter Leonard’s confidant recently tweets about his meeting. He said that he would visit Clippers this Monday and the Lakers on Tuesday and meeting date with Knicks have not confirmed, and the last shot is Raptors.

    “As of right now, Kawhi will meet with the Clippers and Lakers on Monday/Tuesday. Knicks front office will travel to Southern California with the plan to meet early next week. Raptors have earned the right to have the final meeting.”

    — Cris Carter (@criscarter80) June 27, 2019

    These four meetings can be a lot of benefits for Kawhi Leonard. Like the Clippers, Knicks, Lakers can offer Leonard a four year $ 140 million deal, on the other hand, the Raptors are ready to offer him a five year and $190 million and the free agency will start on Sunday.

    The Lakers strategy is to form a “Big Three” of the LeBron James, Davis and Leonard — or potentially James, Davis and Kyrie Irving

    The Knicks have space for two max free agents and will also engage with Kevin Durant, via ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski. Durant, who may redshirt all of next season after Achilles’ surgery, is also considering the Warriors, Clippers, and Nets. For Knicks, a backup plan is also ready if they miss out the Leonard and Durant they also have a no.3 pick, R.J. Barrett.

    “It doesn’t even matter to me, I just want to play,” Barrett said recently. “So whatever happens, happens. And if I play with a great player like KD or play with the guys on the team right now, I don’t even care.”