Starfire of the Titans Reveals Her New Hairstyle, Titans 2 is Gonna be Mysterious

Starfire. Such an evocative name! How would you visualize a person named Starfire? Bright glowing eyes; dressed in red, orange or yellow with hair to match. Speaking of hair, Starfire’s hair for Titans 2 has been revealed.

First, A Little Background

In case you don’t know who Starfire is, she’s a character in DC Comics. She debuted in the year 1962 in the Mystery in Space series and 1980 in DC Comics Presents. She is also known as Princess Koriand’r. She is from the planet Tambaram and can harness solar energy.

Anna Diop actress Starfire Titans hairstyle
Anna Diop

Her love interest is Robin (portrayed by Dick Grayson). Starfire is portrayed by Senegalese-American actress Anna Diop. Diop was an interesting choice for the part. Whereas comic illustrations depict Starfire as an olive-skinned woman and Teen Titan showcased her as a pale, thin, green-eyed wisp of a girl, Titans have opted to showcase her as an ebony-skinned, full-figured beauty.

Head-Turning Hair

Starfire’s hair is immediately noticeable, and it might as well be her defining attribute. Three days ago, Anna Diop posted a video to Instagram in which she showcased her delicately curled burgundy hair. The video was captioned with a lipstick-kiss emoji and has been viewed over 73,000 times. People were gushing with admiration in the comments and telling her how fantastic she looked.

Her look has been edited as it was felt that she needed to resemble her illustrated counterpart more accurately. This was why the springy curls she sported on the first season of Titans had to be loosened. Even her wardrobe had to be revamped as most of her outfits were suited to clubs and/or celebratory events. The Starfire of the comics mostly wears an indigo two-piece outfit with silver linings.

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