Deleted Shazam scene Teases Black Adam in Shazam 2, Release Date & More

2019’s Shazam had a more significant part for Black Adam after all, it seems.

Released back in April, the film’s actual post-credits scene featured Dr. Sivana, played by actor Mark Strong, holed up in a prison cell and manically scrawling on the confines of his wall, as he’s suddenly interrupted by a talking caterpillar – yes, you read that right.

The caterpillar’s actually a character from the comics named Mister Mind, who then goes on to throw out several references to the super-villain cabal entitled ‘Monster Society of Evil.’

Why it matters.

Simply put, because Black Adam is part of the Society.

Set to be portrayed on-screen by superstar Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, the character was initially expected to play a big part in the Shazam film, though his role was reduced to mere cursory references during the movie due to studio Warner Bros. greenlighting a solo movie of his own.

However, a recently released deleted scene from the film, named ‘Family of Thrones’, shows the lead ensemble taking their place on a row of thrones, though one still remains empty, suggesting that there was originally a much more apparent allusion to Black Adam, which can be seen below.

What this means.

While the scene doesn’t necessarily provide us with any new information about Black Adam’s solo outing, it does put to rest the rumors that the project had been scrapped, and implies that we might be seeing much more of the character soon, perhaps even in Shazam 2.

Of course, fans have been awaiting The Rock to finally don Black Adam’s cape since he was cast in the role almost half-a-decade ago, and except a few mentions of how he hopes the character’s narrative arc will pan out, we have received no official confirmation.

Johnson has, in the past, stated that his iteration of the character wouldn’t actually be villainous, and instead of being an out-and-out antagonist pitted against Shazam, and he’d serve as a potential anti-hero that could bring balance to the plot.

Credit: USA Today

DC has announced that Shazam will indeed receive a sequel, whilst Johnson has stated that Black Adam will, if things go right, probably begin principal photography next year.