WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram Down Worldwide User Report.


    User across worldwide are reporting about the bug in WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. People are not able to view stories, and they are not able to download photos and videos, and on facebook people not able to see pictures and view stories, these things started to happen before four hours from now.

    According to report world-famous social media, Facebook and WhatsApp crashed today. According to DownDetector, the error was noticed at around 14:49 BST and users began reporting that they were having problems.

    Some users also put complain on twitter about the glitch on these social media apps, and some are saying they’re unable to send messages and some are saying they’re unable to download photos and status.

    Source:- The Pigeon Express

    Users see a message reading “download failed” and the content will not arrive on WhatsApp. “Couldn’t download the image,” or ‘Can’t download. Please ask that resent to you” like error users facing.

    According to Online outage tracker DownDetector, WhatsApp began having issues from 7:28 PM IST.

    People in Facebook faces a lot of issues while scrolling their news feed they’re not able to view all photos and can’t able to play the videos.

    After all, there has been no reason given behind this bug, or we can say glitch, they have a bug in their server which they will fix soon because everyone is wondering that when this thing will be corrected.

    Instagram user @Paerbaer asks, “Is Instagram story not working or is my internet just trash right now?” Instagram user Robin Grima writes, “Can’t upload to story, can’t send pictures in chats and can’t open photos sent. Most people’s icons are blank. Can’t see posts, they’re blank.”