Deported on a Tour? British Singer Joss Stone Opens up about her Deportation from Iran

The singer and songwriter Joss Stone who rose to fame with her album The Soul Sessions has been deported from Iran. The 32-year-old singer was on a world tour with her team.

Joss Speaks Up

The Introducing Joss Stone singer revealed how disappointed she was with such a piece of unexpected news. She revealed her deportation and wrote, “breaking a little piece of my heart.” We can see how hurt the singer is.


She also stated that the authorities did not believe that she would not be playing a public show in the country. Joss Stone made an Instagram video regarding the whole incident. She wrote publicly that she and her team got detained and deported.

In her statement, she mentioned quite clearly that her team was very much aware of the rules and regulations of the country. Being a woman, she knew about the restrictions of performing in Iran. She said that she has no intention to alter the political system of the country. Stone expressed her grief that the authorities failed to cooperate with them, and her team was already on the blacklist by them.

Whose Fault It Is

Although Joss cleared all the air of confusion with her long frank post on Instagram, the singer also made an apology on behalf of her whole team. She mentioned how welcoming and warm were the immigration people. They did not have any problem whatsoever.

The authority took the decision, and it was stated Joss and her team would deport the following morning. Stone took responsibility on her as she felt the paperwork was not done correctly by her team.


Joss is heartbroken being deported from Iran. At the beginning of this year, Stone performed in Syria, which is known for its several political issues. She planned to perform in every country of the world. However, Iran authorities did not let her dream fulfill. She feels that music has no rules. The singer was extremely upset.

Unfortunately, sometimes we have to abide by the rules. We feel sorry for Joss and her team.