Halle Bailey Is Announced As Disney’s Little Mermaid. Will Zendaya Be There? and Who else?

Disney has finally announced that singer Halle Bailey will be Princess Ariel in its live-action remake of The Little Mermaid.

Halle Bailey confirmed to play Ariel after Zendaya was rumored for the role

Since last year, there have been many strong rumors that Zendaya from Spiderman- Far From Home might play the role of Ariel in The Little Mermaid. Last September, the actress herself said in an interview that the role was appealing. But now all these rumors have been put to rest as it’s confirmed by the studio that 19-year-old singer and actor Halle Bailey is Disney’s, Princess Ariel.

Bailey is a singer who started a music group ChloeXHalle in 2015 with her sister Chloe. They rose to fame when they were discovered by Beyonce through their YouTube posts where the duo made covers of the R&B singer’s songs. Bailey has also starred in the Grown-ish series. The Little Mermaid will be her debut feature film for which the actress tweeted that its dream come true.

Rob Marshall who’s directing the movie told that after extensive research Halle was confirmed for the role as it was clear that she possessed that rare combination of spirit, youth, innocence, substance and a glorious singing voice which were all the intrinsic qualities necessary to play the iconic role.

We might see Zendaya in some other role.

Zendaya also congratulated Bailey on Twitter. Although, till now, the studio hasn’t said anything about Zendaya’s presence in the movie, fans are hoping for her to be there. The chances are that she’s probably in the movie considering the rumors about her which began as soon as news of the live-action remake of the movie was out though we might see her in some other role and not as Ariel.

Mellisa McCarthy, Jacob Trembley, and Awkwafina are also in the movie…

Mellisa McCarthy has already been in talks to play the villainous role of the sea witch, Ursula. And now two new names are coming up who are part of the movie. Jacob Trembley will play the role of Ariel’s fish friend, Flounder and Awkwafina will play Scuttle, her seagull friend. Trembley will next be seen in Doctor Sleep while Awkwafina can be seen in upcoming Jumanji sequel Jumanji: The Next Level and The Farewell.

The movie is a remake of the 1989 animated hit and is being produced by Lin- Manuel Miranda along with Marshall, Marc Platt, and John DeLuca. Its filming is set to begin in 2020.