July 4th on of the important dates of United States, Why it is Too Important For us.

What’s on July 4th

July 4th is an important date for people of the United States as it’s their Independence Day. It’s a federal Holliday. This year it’s going to be the 243rd celebration of joy and peace. Way back in the year 1776 on the same date, 13 American Colonies were declared independent from the sovereign of Britain. The continental congress voted to it. Like any other country, it’s a proud moment, and the masses celebrate the day full-heartedly.

Some intriguing facts about July 4th

• The resolution of Independence was signed on 2nd July, but it took two days to get declared.
• Many people also tend to believe that the declaration of Independence was signed a month later, and thus people shouldn’t celebrate on 4th July.
• Do you know three presidents of US government died on the independence day? And interestingly two of them were John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson died on the same day in 1826, they were also the one signing the contract.
• Only one of the US President was born on 4th of July.
• The idea was proposed by Richard Henry a month before the happening.

How does the celebration take place?

It is a moment for pride and joy for the people of the United States, though, its been so many years the celebration didn’t get any less, on the contrary, it still has that charisma. But yes, the pattern has changed due to the changing environment.

The day is marked by fireworks, picnics, reunion, long-long parades, conducting baseball games, and much more. Though it is a holiday people barely sit at home, they come out in masses to enjoy along with the country. The fireworks are the most beautiful part, lighting up the sky with mesmerizing colors. Looking at the past instances we can guarantee that this year wouldn’t be any less, it will be marked as another great celebration of togetherness.