Louis Tomlinson didn’t approve Euphoria’s sexual scene with him and Harry Styles

Many fans love to imagine more about their favorite stars and even writes about it to share it with other fans too. Loving and writing fan fiction is not really a bad idea, and also many sites provide spaces for these newcomers like Wattpad and Tumblr. Larry Stylinson (Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles) fictions are famous among the fan-fiction writers and readers.

But is it okay to harm someone’s privacy and to let people have some irrelevant imaginations about the same? Even without the permission from the celebrities.

When it comes to drama characters, it is somehow fine to use their names as they are already fictional characters. But when it comes to people who actually exist and have their own lives, it is not good to cross the boundaries.

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What is the whole case?

Louis Tomlinson is a well-known English singer, songwriter, and television personality who does his best to win fans’ hearts and achieve their expectations. On the show, Euphoria, which airs on HBO, a character Kat Hernandes writes a story about him and Harry styles as Larry Stylinson. A fan fiction imaging about the relationship between them.


In the latest episode, there was a scene between the broken couple where they were having sex. This scene gained attention from many viewers and fans. As the couple had broken up already in 2015 and things like this can’t happen as so far.

Even Louis himself showed concern and expressed through his views through his twitter account. He confirmed that he was unaware of the scene. No one also asked him before telecasting this episode.

The scene featured an animated sequence which showed the singers involves in a sexual act. Many fans showed their anger about the scene through media accounts. They asked many questions about the channel and to the stars.

One of the fans questioned how could a channel like HBO show something so private. That too without concerning the stars of the show or to the people on whose name your show is popular