Sequel Alert- White Chicks is Coming Up with its Sequel, Makers Confirm “We”re doing It”

Movies and its sequels are like best friends. For all movie buffs out there, the exciting news is here. Remember the 2005 American comedy film White Chicks? Sure, you can’t forget that mindblowing movie. Well, the good news is that the movie is coming with its sequel very soon. Let’s get ready for some drama once again.

Is It Confirmed?

The producer of the show Shawn Wayans confirmed the news as he said to Terry Crews that the movie is definitely on board. They are already working on it. “Man we are doing it” was the words of Wayans that confirmed the news.

Terry and Shawn had discussions about the movie and it is revealed now that the producers are ready to make a sequel of White Chicks.

Terry’s Preparation

Terry Crews who played the role of a basketball player in the movie is excited about the movie more than ever.  On a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live, Terry jokingly said that how he has been maintaining his shape to be fit for the sequel of the movie. He certainly was very optimistic about the second part of the movie.

White Chicks

In the first film brothers, Shawn and Marlon Wayans were FBI agents. They disguised as two white women to solve some cases of kidnappings. To be back on the good books of their boss, they had to don this whiteface look to go undercover.

The film was a huge success, People loved the hilarious plotline of the movie and the performances were also top-notch. It did a business of 113$ million worldwide. White Chicks also became one of the highest-grossing comedy of 2004. What a success!

Although it received negative criticism from the critics, the movie was loved by people. The numbers are definite proof of that.

White Chicks 2

Back in 2009, a sequel of the movie was announced by Sony. But things did not fall at the right place then. Marlon always wanted a sequel and he expressed his hopes in an interview last year. He said that they surely want to make a sequel.

Now with the news confirmed, go and watch White Chicks once again to refresh your memories. Be prepared for a fun riot with these FBI agents once again with White Chicks 2.