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Jerry Seinfield apologized British comedian for his false accusations of “copying his contents”

Jerry Seinfield, the creator of ‘Seinfield’ has apologized to British comedian after the truth surfaced about copying his ideas of contents.

What happened is, on July 2 he made a post on Twitter as a part of the promotion for the new season of his show, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. He tweeted, “These are all real shows! And we are proud that others have taken notice of our style and have been inspired by it. The only comment we would like to make is: If you’re going to knock us off, get it right!”

On Wednesday, British Comedian, Robert Llewellyn made a tweet about the copycat claim. Robert tweeted with a Wikipedia link proving that original Carpool aired three years before Jerry Seinfield and his friends did. Robert was right; he drove around and conversed with stars in Toyota Prius. The ‘Carpool’ show firstly streamed online in 2009, and later it was aired on TV in 10-11, before Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee that debuted in 2012.

After noticing this, Jerry portrayed quite a good behavior when he apologized to Robert Llewellyn. He tweeted that he wasn’t heard that anytime before. Replying to this, Robert tweeted that it was very kind of Jerry to apologize. He even confirmed that the Carpool days were over, but one can find the video on YouTube.

Jerry Seinfield’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is coming on Netflix in July 2019.

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