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Lost Boy Reboot: Cheyenne Haynes and Haley Tju Are Also In Reboot And Cory Feldman is Not Happy With It?

The lost boy reboot is ready with the casting and the script. Announcing new actors and plots, Cory Feldman seems not to be happy about the same Lost Boy.

This franchise has released 3 movies.

  • LOST BOY (1987)
  • LOST BOY: the tribe (2008)
  • LOST BOY: the thirst (2010)

The story revolves around vampires.

Who is Cory Feldman?

He plays Edgar, one of the Frog brothers. Since 1987 when the first the Lost boy was released he is the major part of the franchise.

What is his issue?

Not a big issue just he wants to be the part of the movie with Jamison. As he wants a reunion with the Frog brothers and he posted for the same on his social media account by asking Jaminson how he feels after learning that they are not there in the list.

The team reveals all actors and actresses names.

Lost Boy Reboot: Cheyenne Haynes and Haley Tju Are Also In Reboot And Cory Feldman is Not Happy With It?

Since when they are working on the idea?

In 2016 when the idea was generated, it was not proceeded further due to some issues.
Since very long, they were planning to modernize the concept and to have a modern period.
Lost Boy is one of the best franchise known for its vampires with “Vampire Diaries.”

Any former actor in the Reboot?

Yes, two of the old actors will be there.
The director and producers finalize Cheyenne Haynes and Haley Tju.

When will it release?

The date is not confirmed yet, and even shooting has not begun still so about the dates we can’t say anything.
And right now about the team would be thinking about their old fellow Cory’s reaction on Instagram.

Will the team add some changes for Cory, or will he be added for some cameo or the story will remain the same, and this will take a big turn over?

All the questions are left unanswered, and fans are waiting to get their answers.

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