Shawn Mendes Got Kissed By Someone. Is It Camilla Cabello or Someone Cute Than Her?

Shawn Mendes has again melted our hearts when he let himself get kissed by a little angel during one of his concerts.

When Shawn got kissed by his cute little fan

Yes, folks, the 20-year-old was kissed not by Camilla Cabello but by a cute little angel who happens to be one of his die-hard fans. On July 4, Mendes shared a video-clip on his Insta account which has won all our hearts and made us love the charming singer-songwriter even more if that’s possible.

It’s impossible not to love Shawn after seeing the clip

It is a black and white slow-motion clip from his concert in Denver, Colorado in which Mendes was seen approaching the excited crowd, or more specifically to one of his fans who happens to be a cute little bespectacled girl in the crowd wearing what looked like panda printed headphones.

Mendes hugs her and then comes the ‘awwing’ moment when he turns his head and let the little angel kiss him on his cheek. It’s a dream come true moment for a fan to see his celebrity crush live, but this fan got herself a kiss, and we think that the angel won’t forget this sweet kissing moment ever in her life.

Halsey was commenting on Shawn’s cute gesture

The smile which spreads on the little fan’s face is undoubtedly the best thing for anyone as it’s clear how elated she is after kissing Shawn. It truly is a sweet moment not just for the little angel but also the singer’s fans including the Closer singer Halsey who commented on the post by saying why he is the sweetest boy in the world. Well! He undoubtedly is.

The Treat You Better singer is still single, but rumors are there that he may be involved with his Senorita co-singer Camilla Cabello. But both of them have denied their relationship rumors saying that they are just friends and nothing more.