3 stabbed, 14 injured after July fourth fireworks at Navy Pier.


    At Navy Pier following the July Fourth fireworks display Two minors and one adult was stabbed. According to the Chicago police department, false cries of the gunshot int eh crowd sparked and injured 14 people in the stampede.

    Navy Pier is one of the most Popular Spots in Chicago. It is popular for UChicago students members of the greater Chicago community to watch fireworks on July Fourth. Nearly 50000 people were present in Pier at the time of fireworks according to the Navy Pier spokesperson and at least 15 UChicago students were current there.

    According to the Chicago police at around 10:10 pm when the crowd was exiting the Pier a fight broke out among the group after the gang signs were flashed as the result of this fight three people were stabbed. A 14-year-old male stabbed in the arm and rib and a 15-year-old male stabbed in the armpit were brought to Lurie Children’s Hospital, and now they both are in a stable condition. The third person is a 30-year-old male not involved in the fight, was stabbed in the face and arm and is now at Northwestern Hospital, and now he is also in a stable condition.

    The Chicago police department believes that there are undoubtedly two males are involved in the stabbing. But police do not yet identify the suspects and do not have them in custody.

    The Chicago police said that there was a man who threw firecrackers in the crowd at the time of the stabbing, but police yet do not know anything about that man and they also said that False cries of gunshots in the group further fomented panic, and sparked a stampede at the exit to Navy Pier that resulted in 13 additional non life-threatening injuries

    Many eyewitnesses told the Maroon reporters that fireworks were set off into the crowd, which they said they believe caused the gunshot-like sounds many people heard on the pier. A second-year student told the media that “When it hit us what was happening, a friend looked at me and said ‘run.’ We scattered, and I tried not to topple over people hoarding around the sides of the pier.”