Bad news: Evan Peters will not return in American Horror Story Season 9


    American Horror Story:1984 is on its way!!! This year very soon it will knock your television screens. Well, that is wonderful information for horror story lovers…

    This series completed 8 successful seasons and now has become an absolute favorite. It is the much-awaited season of recent times. So far so good!!!

    The show has a huge fan following. To answer your queries related to season 9, we have scoured the internet for every possible information.

    When will Season 9 release???

    It is evident that makers have released all previous seasons at around Halloween- that makes sense. It justifies the horror series and creates a massive viewership during that period of the year.

    Nothing surprising, makers are supposed to release Season 9 also during Halloween. It will first air in the US and then in the UK.

    Now that we are done with the expected release time, people eagerly want to know about the concept…

    What will Season 9 offer???

    As the name of Season 9 suggests, most probably it will deal with 80’s era. The season is all set to focus on the 1980s and scare the audience with its impact-full horror storyline.

    A major announcement for fans…

    Almost we have revealed all the aspects. The season promises to keep its audience hooked with a good storyline and star-studded cast. But we also have something bad in store for fans……

    It is reported that all other famous stars are on board for Season 9 except Evan Peters. Here comes the bad news…

    Peters has decided to quit the series. This is really heartbreaking for the fans. After so many powerful performances, fans were waiting for Peters to return with yet another character this season. Amid everyone’s disappointment, Peters says, he is done with this horror genre. It requires screaming and yelling and he can not continue this. Further, he mentions that he wants to continue acting by being in a happy space.

    Well, fans should respect his decision and wait for Season 9 to release!!!