International Kissing Day: What Kind Of Awareness Is This Now? Is it for Real?

No one knows who created this day, but it is at least celebrated by everyone in the world. International Kissing Day originated in the United Kingdom and spread in the whole world.


The purpose of this day is to show love to your loved one. It could be a romantic kiss to your girlfriend/wife or a quick kiss to your mothers’ cheek. There is no specific location where this day is celebrated. It could be any respectable place where you want to show that you love them.

Kissing is not only a fun activity but also has several health benefits. Kissing can increase saliva production, which leads to a healthier mouth. Kissing can relieve stress and can ease allergy reaction. The reason for the love of this day could be that Kissing crosses religion and boundaries.

In Italy and Greece friends, both men and women kiss each other on cheeks as a form of greeting. In Vietnam, China and Japan kissing are done privately between spouses. The record for the longest kiss was set on 6 July 2006 and is from the UK of 31 hours. #GetSnogging is a hashtag that has started for this day.

Well, this is the day to finally show your loved one what you truly mean for them. It could also be a great day for secret lovers to reveal who they love.