Song Joong-Ki and Song Hye-kyo decide to split up! Fans go through a heart break!!

Song Joong-Ki the heartthrob all over Asia and his wife Song Hye-Kyo are splitting up. They filed their divorce proceedings in late June and are firm on their decision. The duo got married in 2017. They both met during the making of Descendants of Sun and got married after then.

Korean TV network channel A reported that the duo have filed a divorce mediation and not divorce agreement, which clearly indicates that, they have not agreed on details like finances. The reason for filing the divorce says, differences in personalities.  According to the reports, Song Joong-Ki’s father says he did not know anything about the split-up of his son and was completely shocked when he came to know through the news. He was totally unaware about the fact and was sending his friends text messages and kept promoting his daughter in law’s drama and was very fond for both of them.  After knowing about the split up he is totally devastated and is not receiving calls or texts.

As they have filed for the mediation divorce, they won’t be able to split their property without any major conflict. According to the entertainment site Soompi, it says the couple has a combined wealth of over 100 billion, which includes money earned from the endorsements and advertisements also from the real estate. The Asian actor has earned about 40 billion from all of these advertisements alone whereas, Song Hye-Kyo owns three properties in Seoul worth 20.6 billion.

Well, the split up news has definitely broken the hearts of many people out there and they still continue to keep their finger’s crossed until the next news comes out.