A Heart Breaking Cover By Eddie Vedder To Chris Cornell

Eddie Vedder has bought tears in the eyes of his fans by his cover dedicated to Chris Cornell. Eddie Vedder ended a 27 song list with a cover tributing to his friend late Chris Cornell. Vedder and Cornell had a long history of their friendship since 1990.


Eddie ended his solo European tour a set of songs with a cover of his close friend Cornell solo hit, Seasons. At the end of the concert, Eddie had an intimate conversation with his fans about how he felt. Cornell passed away at the age of 52 in 2017.


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#EddieVedder covered “Seasons” by #ChrisCornell in Germany over the weekend ?

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Vedder proceeded to have a deep conversation with the fans about new life. Although it was not clear when he talked about his band going through the hardest thing, that he was talking about the death of Chris. After Cornell death, Eddie was the first one to come out and break it. Eddie referred to Cornell as ‘older brother.’


Eddie told the audience to keep things between them and not break it out as it would be more special this way. Eddie talked about new lives and played a song for a 19-year-old named Lily whom he dedicated the song to. Vedder the proceded to sing Seasons. Chris committed suicide and there have only been a handful of times since Vedder has talked about the loss publically.

Losing a friend could be the biggest trauma one could have, love of other songwriters and fans reached out to Eddie. Seasons sound really well with the strings strung by Chris, and the cover was extravagantly good. The lyrics of the song made every person who has lost someone feels things.