Hailey Baldwin Calls Justin Bieber’s Mom “The Most Beautiful” amid Taylor Swift & Scooter Braun

It looks like Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber’s mom really love each other.

On Friday, Justin Bieber’s 44-year old mom posted a series of selfies on her Instagram. And Hailey Baldwin jumped up to write her praise of Pattie Mallette.


Pattie Malette’s photo was captioned “Summer love in Canada ?? eh?” #noplacelikehome, she wrote.

“How does my mother in law look 21???!!?” Haley Baldwin posted in the comments section of the Instagram post. “The most beautiful!!!” the 22-year-old singer wrote.

Malette showed her love for Canada and Hailey Baldwin for her mother in law!

Friday’s social media love display doesn’t mark the first occasion where Baldwin and Malette have publicly announced their affection for each other.

Earlier this year, in January, Mallette shared a super-cute selfie of herself and Baldwin planting a kiss on Mallette’s cheek.



“What a gift!” she wrote in the caption with a little heart-eyes emoji.

Mallette also tweeted out in light of the Taylor Swift and Scooter Braun drama last week, in which Justin Bieber had gotten himself involved head first. Bieber had called out Swift for “trying to get sympathy” and “crossing a line” after she accused his manager Braun of ‘manipulative bullying” on Tumblr.

While she didn’t specifically mention anyone, “Why all the division?” she tweeted on Sunday. “#LoveWins” and “a red heart emoji.”

The couple has been going strong, evidence suggests. And why wouldn’t they with all the love between Hailey and mother-in-law? Hailey and Justin got married in a secret courthouse ceremony in the September of 2018. And they are now going to have a second, preplanned wedding as they approach their first anniversary in 2019. As reported by PEOPLE, they want the occasion to be a “celebration for family and friends.”