Reason of Split of Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson After Two Years- Why?

Singer and Songwriter Chris Martin is a favorite among every Coldplay fan. The talented singer makes some great music and sometimes some shocking news as well. So, when Chris split up with his actress girlfriend, Dakota Johnson after two years of togetherness, it was breaking news indeed.

Coldpaly's Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson From Fifty Shades of Grey Broke Up!

The Split

The couple dated over twenty months. Sources say that the breakup came up a few weeks after they discussed their marriage. His friends have confirmed that Chris was already talking about his engagement to Dakota. The break-up news was a shock to his friends as well as they hardly anticipated such turn of events.

There had been several rumors about the couple tying the knot in the past.

Their Relationship

Dakota shared quite a good bond with Chris’s former wife, Gwyneth. The actress also had a strong relationship with the children of Chirs and Gwyneth. On one account, she even said how everyone gets really along with each other.

But Why The Split?

Chris, the 42-year-old lead singer of Coldplay, was a doting father to his two children, daughter Apple, and son Moses. They are his children with his ex-wife Gwyneth. However, several reports have said that the singer desired to have a third child.

Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson, Credit: The Asian Age
Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson, Credit: The Asian Age

But, Chris’s ladylove Dakota, the 29-year-old actress was not prepared to have a child in the near future. She had no plans to start a family.

The couple’s close friend said Chris was really keen to have his third child soon. However, Dakota had no such intention since her acting career was shaping up really well. It was not a perfect time to initiate a family as it might have affected her career growth.

The couple realized that both of them had different choices, and their relationship was not moving towards a good direction. Eventually, they had to make a decision, and parting ways seemed to be the last option for them.

Good luck to both Chris and Dakota. I hope they have a beautiful life ahead.