Don Was: To Perform For Motown’s 60th Anniversary at Concert of Colors

Don Was will be performing on July 13, 2019, at the Concert Of Colors.

60th Motown Anniversary
This bassist is enthralled to appear at the concert at Detroit Institute of Arts. The event is organized to mark the 60th anniversary of the company, and other Motown singers will join him, like Martha Reeves, Carolyn Crawford, and the Velvelettes. Was said, “As time goes by, I appreciate those records more and more, and as I get deeper into the nuances of playing bass, James Jamerson blows me away more than ever now.”

Don Was continued, “I started writing out the charts for what we’re doing, and he’s an absolute genius. No one ever played that way before.”Don Was

12th Don Was Detroit All-Star Revue
Revue is the part of 27th Concert of Colors will be featuring a lot Motown songs. Revue is a free festival that goes on for days. It showcases Detroit’s musical diversity. Don Was is very determined to perform authentically and not to disappoint people of Detroit. In his opinion, people of Detroit know when the songs are true; when they hit their hearts. Was appreciates Motown immensely, and his goal is to inhabit it and not do Motown Karaoke.

Detroit people expect highly from this Detroit born star. Hopefully, Don Was can serve them with authentic and classic music. Motown’s choice of choosing Don Was is commendable as he is a perfect performer.