First trailer of Disney’s live-action reboot Mulan released.

The first footage of Disney’s live-action a reboot of its old animated Chinese warrior saga Mulan has been released. The trailer was dropped during the half time advertising of the Fifa FIFA Women’s World Cup final on Sunday, July 7

This story revolves around an eponymous fighter who takes the place of her father. Chinese-American actor Liu Yifei has been chosen to do this role. Other than Liu Mulan also features some other Chinese American actors like Donnie Yen, Gong Li, and Jet Li. New Zealander Niki Caro (Whale Rider), is going to direct this live-action. And with this movie, she became the second solo female director to take charge of a Disney film with a budget of more than $100m. Elizabeth Martin and Lauren Hynek got the chance to rewrite this live-action.

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Jimmy Wong, the actor, and youtube star tapped to play Ling in the highly-anticipated remake. Takes on Twitter to tease that trailer might be dropping during the coverage of FIFA Women’s World Cup.

He tweets that “If you are excited about Mulan, you might want to start tuning into the World Cup coverage starting today, You might see something. Just maybe.”

With the voice of Ming-Na as the lead character, the animated Mulan was released back in 1998. It was considered a commercial success, but still, it was not able to match the mark set by the previous Disney animations such as Beauty and the Beast.

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Looking at the records Disney’s live-action remakes of it’s animated movies are doing a great job at the box office the previous live-action of the Disney Aladdin was a blockbuster, and it has earned around $205 million worldwide. Disney fans are loving these remakes they give their love to these movies, whether it is beautiful and the Beast or Aladdin. So we can expect that this new Mulan is going to collect a lot of love from the fans and going to break records of old time.