Everything you need Dr. Mario World, Releases a day early

Upcoming Mario Game: "Dr. Mario World", Everything to Know

Since its debut in 1990, Mario has developed a soft corner in our heart. It is a successful franchise having multiple games in its arsenal. Dr. Mario World will be the next game to be added in the franchise.

The objective of Dr. Mario games is to clear the viruses to form the stage. These viruses keep coming, and the player has to remove them so that he can win. These germs clutter the screen and come in three different colors; Yellow, Red, and Blue.

The Player has to drop pills of the same color as of the virus to clear it from the screen. When three colors in a row matches, the germs are automatically removed. This will be the same concept which Dr. Mario World will follow having little changes in it.

The upcoming game is a match-three game. This is undoubtedly a significant change as earlier games were matched four. So you have to develop new strategies to play like the old strategies of match four might not be that effective.

Reports are coming that the game has taken inspiration from Candy Crush. Instead of just clearing the clutter, there are some features added to the game to develop it from its previous versions.

There will be bombs and items scattered on the board. Also, there will be frozen viruses that must be removed by matching it multiple times in the board.  There will be timers, but players can play for more time by spending paid currency in the game.

Dr. Mario World will release this week on Wednesday.