Shocking viral VIDEO : Yacht Gets Hit By Cruise Ship Gets Destroyed Completely

Some accidents could turn into a big one, a really big one. In Venice, a cruise ship being towed hits a small yacht and leaves the yacht front being broken.


Costa Deliziosa, a 12- deck cruise ship which is nearly 300 meters long was being towed in a stormy condition when things got out of hand. The news broke out when a Venetian writer and artist, Roberto Ferrucci posted the video of this mishappening. The crew of the yacht left the yacht and rushed towards the quayside as the cruise ship grazed the yacht.

A similar type of incident occurred on June 2, where unfortunately four people got injured. The 13-deck MSC Opera scraped the dockside and knocked a small tourist boat. This incident has reignited some past issues related to the environment of the city. It has been previously said that the cruise ship being so close to the shore is harming the city’s fragile ecosystem.

Venice has been very popular within tourist, but the city’s fragile environment needs some protection. The city is already standing on a surface the is eroding. Critics say that with ships this close they are creating waves which are eroding the surface of the city. The main problem is with these massive ships being exceptionally close to the shore.

The government passed the law two years ago to ban the cruise ships being this close to the shore but failed to execute it properly. This incident and the previous one are the alerts for the government to start taking this seriously.