The famous Cuphead Game will be having a show of its own on Netflix?

Studio MDR announces that a comedy animates show based on Cuphead will be coming soon on Netflix.

Hand-drawn Animation
In 2017 the game Cuphhead was released on Xbox One and PC. A Switch port for it came out this year. The game includes hand-drawn animated characters inspired by 1930s cartoons. By 2018, it has sold 3 million copies. This popular game will have a show based on it now. The makers will get a golden opportunity to try their creativity in different media. The hand-drawn animation is unique in the market and will surely attract views.

The Announcement
MDR Posted: Coming to you in full color and cine-sound, it’s…The Cuphead Show! Witness the wondrous Inkwell Isles as you’ve never seen them before in an original series inspired by classic animation styles of the 1930s. Now in production by the talented team at @Netflix Animation.

Glen Keane and Elizabeth Ito will be involved?
Netflix Animation will be producing the show, Cuphead. It has some talented animators like Glen Keane, who has previously worked with Disney and Elizabeth Ito who has worked on globally famous shows like Phineas and Ferb.

The information that we have as of now is very less. Surely with time, we will get to know more. We are speculating that this show will be a super hit just like its game version. Fans are already excited and impatient. Who doesn’t like a good animated show? It is like some comfort food for us.