‘Sex and the City’ star Sarah Jessica Parker reveals harassment on sets


    In a recent interview on NPR’s “Fresh Air”, Sarah Jessica Parker revealed one of the biggest impacts of #MeToo movement on her life. The star is known for her versatile and top performance in ‘Sex and the City’. And now she has let people know how it’s so common that men treat women poorly.

    She divulged most importantly that an incident with a “very big, big movie star” almost changed her life. And how she tactfully dealt with it.

    “I did go to my agent because I felt I was no longer able to convey how uncomfortable this was making me, how inappropriate it was and… within hours, everything had changed,” she said after revealing that she had almost walked off the set.

    Also, she added that she had threatened the makers and the ‘actor’ that she’d leave the city and be very far from where the shooting was taking place. And that seemed to have an effect.

    Her opinion on #MeToo:

    In this recent talk, Parker had a lot to say. The actress was asked about her opinion on the effect of #MeToo. And she had a lot to say.

     “It really wasn’t … until about six or eight months ago that I started recognising countless experiences of men behaving poorly, inappropriately. I don’t know why I either wasn’t courageous or more destroyed by some of the things that I was privy to; that I was on the receiving end of.”

    Parker at her height of the career faced most of the trouble. She faced numerous on-set harassment cases that she initially couldn’t deal with directly.

    “No matter how evolved or how modern I thought I was. I didn’t feel as powerful as the man who was behaving inappropriately. I had every right to say, ‘This is inappropriate.’ I could have felt safe in going to a superior.”

    And now after a decade of Sex and the City, the actress has learnt to open up and let others know too.