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Shawn and Camila and their growing closeness

The 20-year-old singer Shawn Mendes and 22-year-old Camila Cabello dating rumors are not new. It’s been making rounds since the single “I know what you did summer” released in 2015 though neither of them accepted the rumors to be true.

But the recent news says something else!

Till now we all know about the steamy single “ Senorita” which the duo dropped recently, a post that on 7th July both of them were spotted on a late-night dinner date. Pretty late to be precise at 5:00 a.m.! At Kitchen24 in West Hollywood. According to an insider they both were seen sitting pretty close and Camila resting on Shawn’s shoulder, Shawn even kissed her forehead. Now, this doesn’t seem to be “ just friends” to the fans.

Image credits: Longroom

Camila’s breakup and 4th of July

Right before Senorita launch, Camila and her now ex-boyfriend Mathew Hussey broke up and many links it to Shawn and Camila growing closeness. Till now neither of them officially spoke on the breakup news. And on 4th July on a White pool party, both were holding hands in a cozy manner. Plus to that on Sunday brunch in Los Angeles, the duo was holding hands, smiling and hugging their heart out despite the paparazzi. And all these events after events prove that there is something cooking.

Image Credits: Hot News in America

Fan’s reaction

For obvious reasons the “#shamila” shippers are going crazy over the internet tweeting, retweeting, sharing their pictures. But some point the images and link up rumors to be simply a PR stunt to promote their single “ Senorita.” Thus the Internet is now divided into two sides of this news.
But if we look into the comment of a PR stunt to an extent, it doesn’t seem to be true cause the song in itself has created enough buzz that it doesn’t need any extra publicity.

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