Woman Accidentally Shoots Husband in Head During Road Rage Incident!

A woman amid an argument shot her husband in the head. Alabama police said that Erica Cole was having an argument with her husband Nicholas Cole while they were traveling in a car. She attempted to shoot someone else but shot his husband instead.

The incident took place on Saturday. According to the information provided by Cullman County Sheriff’s Office, the argument started in Dodge City, Alabama, on Highway 69. To be precise, it initiated about 6:45 p.m. on Saturday. It lasted till they were in County Road 160 in Bremen.

Though Nicholas Cole was shot at his head, he was fortunate enough that he survived the horrific incident. He was taken immediately to the ICU at UAB Hospital.

On the case of Erica Cole; she was arrested. The charges were of attempted murder, reckless endangerment, and second-degree assault. The amount of bail for her is set at $30,000. Currently, she is being kept at the Cullman County Detention Centre.

Woman Accidentally Shoots Husband in Head During Road Rage Incident!

Till now, it is not clear whether she has an attorney beside her side or not. The investigation of the matter is currently in progress. Authorities have shared limited details about the incident and will release more after the investigation is over.

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