‘Alex Rodriguez’ Supported & Consoled “Jennifer Lopez” After Tough Concert!

Jennifer Lopez was tearing up after not performing that good as she expected and her partner Alex Rodriguez supported her and said it was the best show he has seen so far

Jennifer Lopez is well known as an actor, singer, dancer, and producer. She started her career by appearing as a Fly Girl dancer on In Living Color, and she put stars on her career by playing lead role Selena in Selena’s biopic. After that, she became the highest-paid Latin actress of her time.

She has faced many ups and downs in her life. She had married three times and then divorced all of the three, and currently, she is engaged with Alex Rodriguez since 2017. She also has 2 children.

She has always been a powerful performer and has always pleased everyone with her performances, but it is not necessary that every time we rock the stage and sometimes we can hit on a bad too.

'Alex Rodriguez' Supported & Consoled "Jennifer Lopez" After Tough Concert!
Credits: insider.com

And the same has happened with Jennifer Lopez as she recently shared a clip called “It’s my Party Tour Diary: Volume” on her YouTube Channel.

In that clip, she is crying as one of her concerts could not go well and said it was a tight show for her. She also said she is nervous about the show even before the show was started.

But she is blessed with a supportive partner Alex Rodriguez who supported her in her tough time and said: “It was the best show I have seen so far,” but Jenifer knew he was saying all this to make her feel and not to become upset.

Then Alex said, “I’m not,” he insisted. “It was Saturday night in Vegas, and you guys killed it! And you showed why you’re a champion, baby. You were down, and you still came back up and had the best show so far. … Every time I see the show, it keeps getting better and better and better.”