Single Mother Left Her 4-Year Child in a Locked Car and Sign a Bond of $2500!

Amber Collier, Miramar Woman, left her 4-year child unattended in a locked car to attend a job fair and was then arrested

In Miramar, a 25 years old woman Amber Collier facing a charge of leaving her child of 4 years in a locked car while she was attending a job fair.

She was arrested on Monday in Miramar when she left her child unattended in a locked car for more than an hour to attend a job fair.

Then On Tuesday she was produced before the court, and a prosecutor asked the Broward County Judge Jackie Powell to set the bond at $5000 to free Collier for leaving her child in a locked car, and he added that Collier said the following to police :

“She left the 4-year-old a cellphone to contact the police if there was an emergency”.

Single Mother Left Her 4-Year Child in a Locked Car and Sign a Bond of $2500!

While Collier’s public defender pleaded that Collier is a single mother and does a part-time job in college to support her family.
“Financially, right now, she’s going through a tough time, and she wants to work,” he added.

Lastly, He pleaded from Powell to consider a lesser bond as Collier is not so financially strong.

Simultaneously, the prosecutor was pointing out the time for which the child was left alone in a car and said My concern is not that the child would have overheated,” he said. “My concern is, in that period, over an hour, anybody could have gone to that car and taken that child.”

After hearing Judge Powell set the bond at $2500 and ordered the Collier not to meet the child until the outcome of a family hearing doesn’t come.