‘Stranger Things’ Season 3 Breaks Netflix Viewership Record in 4 days

We were all patiently waiting for the third season of Netflix’s, Stranger Things. It was almost sure that it would be stupendous. Finally, Netflix has provided us with some impressive numbers worthy of Stranger Things.

The Record

Netflix revealed that stranger things season three has broken all records for viewership. According to Netflix season, 3 has been watched by approximately 40.7 million households in the four days since July for a holiday launch. Now that’s some mind-boggling stats. This is far from unexpected as stranger things have always managed to pull in a large number of viewers. Season 3 of stranger things is by far the most viewed Netflix original series or film in its first days. Netflix also added that 18.2 million households have already finished the whole eight-episode season.

SOURCE: Marie Claire Australia

Other Netflix Hits

Netflix has always taken a secretive approach when it comes to their viewership numbers. They only release the names when their show breaks official records. They’ve always been hesitant in revealing viewership stats of all their shows. But the numbers put up by stranger things are significant even when compared to some of its other hit shows. The Netflix original, Umbrella Academy was viewed in 45 million member households in 1 month, whereas You and Sex education collected 40 million views in their first month. 45 million accounts watched Sandra Bullock’s, Bird Box within a week. This is the best first week for any Netflix film ever. Netflix’s Murder Mystery was watched by 30 million accounts making it the biggest opening weekend for any Netflix original film.

SOURCE: Detroit Metro Times

Even when comparing to these numbers, it is apparent that season 3 of Stranger things would become the most-watched movie or TV series in Netflix’s gallery. The assumption is based on fact that it has already broken almost all the records in its initial days and that too by big a margin.