Leo king told about Shawn and Camila’s Future togather

Who is Leo King?

David Lawrence Palmer is popularly known as “Leo King,” he is an astrologer and is most of his videos are on YouTube talking and sharing knowledge about astrology. And recently he revealed the readings and his thoughts on Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello’s birth chart.

Image Credits: HOLA USA

What was Leo King’s take on their birth chart?

By reading them, he first described the personality of both the individual Shawn being himself is much caring, friendly, and optimistic in life. And Camila has more of a subjective nature; she is a big dreamer. Leo said about more about Shawn’s stars, according to him Venice and Cancer represent someone who has a big heart and there is a full moon in Aquarius and Mars.
Further, Leo adds Shawn has a significant giving nature, which is good but sometimes hurts his relationship, career, everything. He believes in full effort without thinking of what he will get back. And his past relationships ended somewhere relating to this. It’s natural if a person is not getting the required effort back after taking so much into other lives.

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What about Shamila the pair?

Leo said no doubt there is a spark between those two singers, they may be more than friends, but it isn’t a serious relationship right now can be a fling. He says they just collaborated and made a song, no big deal, and to say about the future, their personalities don’t indicate a definite. Camila is on the verge of understanding herself right now; she is more into self explore thus even if they come together Shawn may get hurt as he will give his full, but the return will not be satisfactory.
The perfect time for Shawn to date would be, and of 2020 as of right now he needs to invest in himself, set boundaries for himself so that he doesn’t get hurt from the caring nature.