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R.Kelly imprisoned: Charged for sexual assault, Human Trafficking & more

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R. Kelly

R. Kelly, known as King of R&B and Pop soul, does have many other talents other than singing and writing songs. Robert Sylvester Kelly has been arrested on Thursday evening while he was walking with his dog on the streets of Chicago.


The charges are that he had sexually assaulted many females. This time the count of 13 including three underage girls. This is not new as he has already prisoned in February this year for sexually abusing ten women by 1998 to 2010.

Previous records

He paid $100,000 for bail in February and was prisoned for three days only. In March again he was prisoned as he didn’t pay the fund for the development of his children to his ex-wife. That was $161,000.

In late May he was again accused by the grand jury who charged him for assaulting class X and my felony. According to the Illinois law, the criminal conflicting sexual assault to class X imprisonment for 30 years but the celebrity was free.
During a news conference, Darrell Johnson (publicist), was taking questions in Atlanta Friday morning when the family of Joycelyn Savage, 23, one of Kelly’s girlfriends, started yelling, “Where’s my daughter at, answer that question!”

Joycelyn was the ex-girlfriend of R. Kelly. She is missing since 2017 when her parents last contacted her and talked about not reaching her anymore to her parents. They didn’t meet her since 2016 and points R.Kelly as the reason. They confirm that he always makes his girlfriends leave all the contacts from the outer world to even their parents.
He brainwashes them and makes them completely isolated from the world. He was accused of human trafficking in the year 2008 too.

Did R. Kelly admit the charges?

The singer has never admitted his crimes but now after the allegations since last, so many years the fans and people close to him are losing their trust on him.
Many fans have already turned their backs, and many friends have claimed that he was a mistake to be friends with him.

The next hearing for bail is expected in early next week, His attorney Steve Greenberg said. He has allegations of making porn movies with underage unknown girls, manipulating others, sexual assault and abuse, and human trafficking. The 52-year-old has done enough, and this time the videos are released of him doing all the stuff; thus, we believe that his time he will go for long or he should.

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