Romance is brewing on the island and Tommy and Molly are ready to take it to another level

Tommy reveals that he is ready to take a step forward with Mae and he so wants to take his relationship to the next level.

He himself said while talking to his BFF Curtis Pritchard that he feels like now is the perfect time to call Molly my Girlfriend, I feel it.

A lot of comparisons are going between Jack and Dani and Molly and Tommy but the thing is it’s unfair to compare these both couples as they are very different from each other. But with no doubt, Tommy and Molly are now the most popular couple on the island.

Molly also said that she will live with him if she starts spending so much time with him. The 20-year-old boxer is ready to take it to another level with the influencer.

The duo no doubt looks undeniably cute with each other giving goals to rest of the couples.

They had a very unique way of expressing feelings to each other. Tommy is very romantic and just did it in the right way possible. His best friend Curtis wrote the message in eyeliner and then gave it to Tommy and then gave it Molly Mae! The cute cuddly teddy played an important role in the episode. The couple also sprinkled rose petals on terrace. The video going viral also evidently showed how much they are into each other.

Molly looked happy to the core and so was Tommy. Indeed they are the best and no doubt holds such a big fan base!