Safaree Samuels enjoying with to be wife Erica Mena. Check this out!!!!

Safaree is a big name in the hip hop world. His rapping skills are unbeatable. But now it seems as if his romancing skills are also unmatchable!!!!

With each passing day, the hip hop star is making the internet go insane with his Instagram posts… Apparently, the star is having the best time of his life with lady love Erica Mena. From holidays to gifts, the couple is slaying it all.

Well, love does that to you… And Safaree is no exception. Almost every other day they step out and enjoy their pre-wedding days. From partying to exploring street food, the couple is nailing it.

They are so happy enjoying each other’s company. Thanks to Instagram for letting fans see some of the sneak peaks from the couple’s private time.

Last week it was Safaree’s birthday. He had a bang on birthday celebration with friends and Erica. Later he took to gram sharing Erica’s gift for him. Here is the pic if you have missed it out-

After that the couple is spending some quality time. Samuels frequently shares a pic of Erica. Recently he posted a pic which featured both enjoying seafood at a very popular seafood joint.

He is all praises for Erica. He captures every second spent with her. That’s adorable!!! Isn’t it??? What do you think … Aren’t they lovely together???? Comment below and share your views…

Also, he shared a pic which spotted Erica in her bikini attire. The lady looked hot and sexy. She was lying on his lap. Their chemistry in the pic was super sizzling. Full-on romance is blooming between the two.

We are eagerly waiting for their wedding dates…Wishing luck and love to the love birds… Stay tuned for more such updates!!!