Anthony Mackie is disappointed from his Point Blank Movie Review…Spoilers Ahead!

Netflix has come with an action movie Point Blank, which doesn’t leave much of an impact on the viewers and is missable. Spoilers Ahead!

Point Blank is mediocre.

If you have thought that the new Netflix movie starring MCUs actors Anthony Mackie and Frank Grillo will be an excellent action flick, then you are in for some disappointment. Both the actors are top-tiered, but it seems that their talents have been wasted in Point Blank due to the loose storyline and character development.

Pot of the movie.


Mackie plays the role of Paul, an ER nurse whose pregnant wife Taryn (Teyonah Paris) gets kidnapped. To save her, he has to free an injured criminal named Abe (Grillo) from the hospital. Abe’s character is like the “good-bad” man who wants to expose some corrupt cops. So, now the same cops want him dead. And that’s how Paul and Abe team up to save their lives and their loved ones.

Mackie has played the role of Falcon in MCU and has also worked in previous Netflix projects like IO, Black Mirror and the upcoming season 2 of Altered Carbon. Point Black is his fourth Netflix project. Similarly, Grillo whom we know for his role of Crossbones in MCU, has also starred in Netflix’s another action movie Wheelman.

Mackie and Grillo are as usual excellent


The movie tries to build the bromance between Abe and Paul but fails a bit due to the poor jokes and no witty banter. Although the actors are excellent in their roles, especially during the action sequences and have given their 100%, a movie doesn’t run just because of the actors but a whole lot of other elements.

The movie swings between action to attempted humor (which doesn’t make you laugh). It’s a bit fast-paced with some loose plots. Even the music choice isn’t too good. You know when there’s a pretty badass action scene going on but we want to throw our remotes away because the background score doesn’t go with the scene. That’s what happens in Point Blank.

The movie is a remake of the 2010 Frech movie with the same name, but Point Blank isn’t any better than the original one. It’s always risky and difficult to imitate an already successful film, and that’s what happened to Point Blank.