Terminator Dark Fate – Trollers Are Bashing Out for Female Cast, But Why?

Tim Miller directed Terminator: Dark Fate is an American science fiction which is slated for a release on November 1, 2019. The film is going to have a star cast with Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger in their iconic roles. Mackenzie Davis and Natalia Reyes are also joining the cast. After, Terminator 2 James Cameron is also back as a producer in the franchise.


Miller is finally bringing the most awaited sequel of the year. And the director is very confident with Mackenzie’s ability to stand out in the film. The trailer is released, and it promises some high voltage action.

Why Female Lead?

With the announcement of the female-led cast, Miller and his team are receiving many negative responses. Though loyal fans of Terminator are very happy to have Linda and Arnold together on board and they can’t wait for the movie. However, trollers are bashing against Mackenzie’s participation in the movie.

But Tim is an extremely responsible director, and he knows how to handle tough situations like this. He gave a straightforward reply to all the haters saying, “she’ll scare the f**k out of you.” He explained her character to be very strong and bold who can knock off dudes easily. Despite being a tough character, she has a feminine side too. Clearly, the director does not care a damn about these non-sense trolls as he is very confident what the film is going to offer.

It is a shame for all the misogynists who still can’t get out of their stereotypical ideas and still thinks women are not at par with men.

Stories Of Women Are Interesting

Miller stated that he always finds stories revolving women are way more fascinating than the same old guys fighting against each other stories. Cameron has also written the story in a unique way keeping the realistic feel of the movie, and each character shines in their own way.

Miller clarified that it is a very realistic story of Sarah and all the other characters. The audience will feel that this can happen to me as well while watching the film.

Mackenzie Is Perfect

Tim and James both wanted to have a female in the role of the protector. And both of them thought Mackenzie is going to be a perfect fit for the role. Davis is both emotionally and physically suitable for the role. She worked immensely hard in this movie.

Let’s get ready for some action with Terminator: Dark Fate.