Kim Kardashian: truth behind her Met Gala look 2019 (all you need to know)


    The Kardashian sister Kim Kardashian who was into rumours since after her Met Gala 2019 look. She wore a wonderful piece by Thierry Mugler “Dripping Wet” dress. Overtop corset by acclaimed French couturier mister Pearl, which made her waistline thinner. The dress was a pain to her as per the sources. She even got some marks all over her back at the end of the evening.

    Kim Kardashian Met gala 2019. Image Credit:

    What are the rumours about Kim Kardashian?

    The rumours were that she got surgery to remove her ribs. The reason she did so was her Met Gala 2019 look. To fit in the in dress and to make her figure curvier.

    Are they true?

    Well, no. Kim herself denies this rumour. With the help of her friend Anastasia Soare. She is the founder and CEO of Anastasia Beverly Hills, that is a cosmetic company. They both shared a video where Anastasia babbled about Kim having this curve in her body.
    She also starts talking about the surgery for removing her ribs on which Kim replied very frankly that she even don’t believe that this is possible. And she even gave the credit of her curves to a Vegan diet she is taking since April 2019. She showed a bowl full of sweet potatoes and avocadoes too.
    Her Gym trainer Melissa Alconta also came for the saviour later against many celebrities and shared Kim’s videos. In which Kim was doing all kind of work out that was hard. She even said that this is the work out she did for last months to gain that perfect curves for her dress.
    In the field of fame, celebrities do a lot of stuff to gain or to maintain popularity. This is normal in this industry to undergo surgeries to keep their body figure, face etc. this all many times leads them to very adverse reactions.
    This is good news that Kim didn’t take any surgical method and achieved this admirable figure by exercise and here hard work.

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