17 Year Old Insta celeb Bianca Devins murdered, decapitated by ex Brandon Clark

Love can tragically convert to hate and ruins life when things exceed. Brandon Clark brutally murdered 17-year-old Instagram personality ‘escty’ aka Bianca Devins.


Brandon Clark posted the horrendous picture of Bianca’s dead body with her throat cut on his Instagram page and discord chat. This quickly took on fire, and the post was taken down quickly, but everyone knew by then. Devins and Clark were dating back in 2017 but then broke up. The chats which were on the internet that Devins had said some mean things to her soon to be killer.

The killer Brandon went to a party where Devin was present and tried to talk to her. He talked to her for the last time before cutting her throat. Brandon tried to take the body somewhere else before posting the very graphic picture. He then tried to commit suicide but failed in doing so and was caught by the police. He was admitted to the hospital in Utah in a critical condition.

Bianca’s sister went on Instagram and paid a little tribute to her sister and confirmed her sister’s death. Brandon’s brother targeted the internet trolls and made few statements.  Clark’s bother posted that he didn’t know about his brother’s intentions as he was in military posted in Alaska. His brother also said that he is sorry to come from a family who committed this. He also wrote that his heart goes to the family of the victim.

The families on both sides are shocked by the recent development of the scene and are devastated. The relationship between Brandon and Bianca is not very specified as some say he was a stalker, and some say they were in a relationship.

Bianca would be missed by her family and friends, and we hope she gets justice.