Mirka Federer the former Swiss tennis player

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A brief introduction on Mirka Federer

Mirka Federer is a Swiss former professional tennis player born in Slovak. She was great in the courts and was much praised. Mirka was ranked 76 on 2001 on WTA singles and 215 on doubles. Her talent was recognized in her early years by a famous tennis player when she came with her father for a match. But the tennis player took retirement in the year 2002 due to a persistent foot injury. Since then she has been touring with her husband, Roger Federer. She met him in 2000 and married him in the year 2009 and over the years had twin girls and twin boys.

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On the recent match of Roger Federer

Recently Roger Federer and Serbia’s Novak Djokovic had a match on Wimbledon men’s final, where Mirka went to support him. The match lasted for weeks and being a player, and we could see how tense she was. Her expression said it all and people are saying it they could relate to it in many ways of day to day lives. And the pictures went viral being memes.

One more news made headlines, the commentator Andrew Castle during the match commented on Mirka Federer’s ring costume jewelry. People got fused over the comment claiming that what’s the relation between ongoing match and Mirka’s silver. The commentator was also accused earlier for other cases. But Mirka didn’t respond anything to the matter.

Though Roger didn’t win the match, it was a great thrill to watch that. Roger claimed that though he is married to great former tennis player, he doesn’t discuss tennis with her, he claims they have other great things to discuss. They are a great couple together, and we hope to see more of them.