FaceApp Goes Viral With Everyone Wanting To See How They’d Look In Their Old Days

In the last week, FaceApp has again gone viral with its old filter. People are going crazy to see how they’d look in their old age which has given rise to the #agechallenge.

People are going crazy for the old filter


You must have noticed many photos on your timeline of people with sagged skin, grey hair or beard, and dull eyes. It’s not because half of the population has suddenly gone old. But it’s due to the app FaceApp which has gone viral all over the globe. The #agechallenge has taken Twitter and Instagram by storm.

You in your 60s


Famous celebrities and regular folks are using this app and sharing their images of how they’d look like in their 60s. And let me tell you that the old age photos look extremely realistic so much so that we can bet that it’s undoubtedly how one would look when old.

FaceApp is a mobile application which is available on both iOS and Andriod. On iOS, you can use it for free for three days. The free version of the app offers a limited choice of filters but not to worry as it has the viral old filter.

The age transformation app was launched back in 2017 but now it has come back with more features. The filter makes your skin look pale and wrinkly with dull eyes, grey hair and it even has some smile filters. The app was built by Russian developers uses Artificial Intelligence to add the filters to the photos.

Privacy issues

FaceApp is facing some privacy issues. It not only captures the user’s face but also the private data. On iOS, the app accesses the photo library even when the privacy option for photos access is set to Never. No matter how much fun it is to use an app, one should be careful while using it.