R. Kelly got supported by his so-called girlfriends: Everything you need to know so far

Alzier Clary, R. Kelly, and Jocelyn Savage (from left to right) image credit: correcting.com

R. Kelly got accused of pornography, sexual assault, enticement of minor and obstruction of justice. He got arrested by security agents and members of the New York police department of public safety. On Thursday, 11th of July while he was walking with his dog in Chicago he was counted in for 13 incidents.

First R. Kelly was arrested for his latest works, and later after doing more investigation, many pieces of evidence and victims came in contact. His so-called girlfriend’s families claim that he uses them as sex slaves also that he brainwashed them.

What about the girlfriends?

image credit: Capitalxtra.com

According to the sources, his girlfriends, Jocelyn Savage, and Azriel Clary were kicked out of the Trump international hotel and tower in Chicago. They are R. Kelly’s residences where he was living with both the girls since a very long time.

The reports were that officers took the residence after the arrest of R. Kelly. More than 290 more sex tapes of R. Kelly with minors are caught until now and, inevitably, this time he will be gone for long. As in the previous article, we already told about the crimes he has done since 1998 and also that his friends are officially backing on him.

Where are they now?

The shocking thing is that recently Jocelyn and Azriel posted a video in which they completely supported R. Kelly. They even proved their presence in R. Kelly’s residence they in which they were living in together. They showed the view from the tower for proof. And claimed that they were not kicked out and are living very well in the room. They also spoke about how they are free to move etc. showing that no investigation is done on them.

They also supported him a lot and said that he never harassed them. After watching the video, it seems like this one is for their parents who are willingly searching for them. Their parents are so worried that they said to the police that they were not even sure whether the girls were alive or not.

Points to be noted

My first reaction after watching the video was how two girls could live together with the same man without any issue. We know that what girl’s nature is like and it is not possible to share your love. Secondly, how can they support him even after learning about the evidence as the evidence are very clear, and he also has some past record. The third thing that made us more suspicious was that Jocelyn didn’t speak much. She was very quiet when Azriel was speaking during the whole video.

For me, this all gives me only one conclusion that they are really brainwashed and are under some king of pressure as Jocelyn parents admit that they encountered many changes in their daughter after being with R. Kelly. Well right now none of us know about the truth and but one thing is very sure that R. Kelly has done many illegal things for which he has to pay now.