Zachary Levi Confirms Shazam 2; Release Date yet to be Announce

Though Shazam was not as triumphant as Aquaman in the box office, it became the best-reviewed entry movie in the entire DC universe. With a budget of $100 million, it managed to garner over $350 million worldwide. The figure is relatively good to bring another Shazam movie in theaters. And according to the lead Zachary Levi, things are moving for good.

Shazam 2

Zachary Levi is also busy and is giving multiple interviews for the promotion of the movie as it has recently got released on home video. In these interviews, he is also providing multiple hints that what will be the fate of the sequel.

According to him, everything seems to head in a positive direction. He said that his bosses at Warner Brothers, DC, New Line are all happy with the movie. These people also want to do better the second time around.

Zachary Levi also hinted that the story of the sequel is currently in progress. So with this information, it is now safe to say that the sequel is in development and we may see in upcoming years.

In the upcoming movie, Shazam will explore the DC universe. We can also hope of some cameo or reference of other prominent characters present in the cinematic world. This could be done so that it gets well promoted and could do much better at the box office.

It was announced earlier that Dwayne Johnson would be cast as Black Adam in the upcoming movie. But according to Zachary if they bring him soon, then fans may not get a better experience which he is thinking of.

The release date of the upcoming sequel is not fixed also it is not clear that who will be the real enemy.