Cats Trailer Receives Hate Over The Creepy and Horrifying CGI? But Why so Hate?

A new movie trailer has dropped, and it is cats, literally and metaphorically. The movie is called Cats and will try to show us a different perspective.


The trailer shows us some huge actors and singer. The cast includes  Taylor Swift, Idris Elba, Jennifer Hudson and James Corden as CGI-enhanced felines. Francesca Hayward is a very famous ballet dancer who plays the shy white cat. Maybee, the acting community, is new for Hayward but outside it, she is a big deal. She trained at the royal ballet school at an early age and was invited to the company in 2010. She is now the principal dancer in the school, which is the highest designation.

Hayward described her experience as unreal as going from dancing on stage to singing with like of Taylor Swift. The movie ‘Cats’ will mark the first debut of Hayward in the film industry. Hayword announced on Instagram that she was selected for the movie Cats. The dancer may be new to acting, but she is definitely up to the task. She describes that when she is performing, she just wants to say something to the audience.

The film is set to release on 20 December. The film has not gotten a good first online response. The people were not late to point out the inconsistencies in the film. The cats are sometimes walking on two legs and some time on four. The main problem is Rather than wearing costumes; they have been coated in CGI fur. The CGI fur looks bad, and so they’re not quite human but not quite feline.

The people are disappointed as they are looking at a dystopian netherworld populated by mutant cat-human hybrids. Maybe the movie will get love when it comes out as people had their doubts when Paddington came out too. We would need to wait until December to see how the movie does.