Stranger Things Stars Natalia Dyer & Charlie Heaton, A Couple Everywhere : OFF OR ON SCREEN

Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton of The Stranger Things plays a couple in the series but are a couple in real life too. It is not often you see an on-screen couple to be in love in real life also.


The Two were rumoured to be dating back in 2016 when they arrived at the red carpet together. The two plays the character of love birds Nancy and Jonathan and love each other in real life too. It is not often we see Netflix stars discussing their personal life. These two have been open about their relationship, but their action also shows that they want to be private as much as they can be.

Natalia responded saying that it is interesting to work with somebody whom you go home to. She continued saying that they are very comfortable with each other. Dyer describes her relationship with Charlie as it has its pros and cons. Charlie describes the relationship saying that sharing the same work with someone you like is fantastic.

He continued saying that when your work is the same, then you can share all the insecurities and sweet moments. These two feel about each other the same thing. The two shares cute pics of each other on Instagram and seems to be having tons of fun. Charlie and Natalia are seen outside the workplace together having fun. When the whole caste was in Paris, they made sure to spend some romantic time with each other.

The fans love to see an onscreen couple together in real life too. Heaton congratulated Nancy on her 21st birthday, writing a lovely message on Instagram. Natalia says that she would keep her relationship private because her private life is essential to her. They lean on each other and feel the same about their relationship.