The continuous earthquakes in California People faces hard breakdown


    Past few weeks have not been peaceful to the state California, there have been several earthquakes in different places leading to several questions like is the big one coming? What’s next? Is anyone safe? And many more. Damages have occurred, but no such deaths have been recorded. All your questions are explained below with details.

    Image Credits: Forbes

    How many earthquakes until now?

    California has experienced up to 4098 earthquakes in the past seven days ranging from smallest to one of the highest magnitude. On Wednesday evening 4.6 magnitude was witnessed a little far away from the city, previously on Tuesday 4.3 magnitude was seen at San Francisco Bay Area around 1 pm and 4 minutes later another earthquake hit at 4.5 magnitudes near Ridgecrest. Again there was another tremblor felt in the Bay area and Blackhawk to be precise in the center area.

    There have been earthquakes of 1.2 magnitudes now and then. Plus last month a magnitude of 7.1, which is quite effective, was witnessed near Ridgecrest. All this lead to Questions as mentioned above.

    Image credits: Fox news

    The official’s statement

    A geophysicist named Rafael Abrew with the United States Geological Survey (USGS), started that all the earthquakes that have occurred over the days are not connected, because on the distance, a thing of tectonic plates, etc. And it is not indicating the coming of “ the big one” all the events are natural and individuals. Further, there is a chance of occurring more earthquakes, but it won’t be much harmful. Still, they have advised to follow the safety measures and do the needful if anything massive happens.

    About the damage

    Yes, there have been few damages here and there most of cracking, but no such life-threatening situation is reported. People are sacred for apparent reasons for the continuous happening. Hopefully, they remain safe, and the government would take some measures.