The Lion King: Breaking records at international Box Office

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    “The lion king,” story of the lion cub who is fighting from evils to get his rights. He wants to rule over the jungle with his knowledge and on the footsteps of his father. Directed by Jon Favreau and presented by Walt Disney, the movie will be soon released worldwide till Sunday.

    More about The Lion King

    We all have studied and watched the previous story of the film. As it is an old story which was started by the birth of “Simba,” the lion cub. Son of “Musafas” who is the king of the jungle’s bright part. His brother “Scar” and the prior king wants to rule back. Thus he plans against Simba.

    The lion king
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    Simba as he grows up he makes friends and later with them he tries to pull every string to prowl. The movie attracts attention from all over the world.

    The Disney even started the television animated series in which we can easily see the bunch of 5 animal’s children, including Simba fights and protects their jungle from Scar and his pets. The movie uses high-level VFX. The film is dubbed by different celebrities all over the world to gain more publicity.

    All over opening

    From China to America, earning of The Lion King is enormous. It will cross across $400M worldwide by Sunday that is going to be the 2nd highest opening in the international after Avengers: End Game. That has already earned $100M on Thursday.
    The movie was released in over 22 territories on Thursday including Russia to Brazil. In the UK, Spain, and Mexico it is released on Friday and has earned over $80M. It will be released all over the world by Sunday except in Japan, Italy, and Hong Kong.
    The Lion King is breaking Records.
    It Broke records of “Harry Potter” and “Deathly Halloween part 2”, both had an opening of $169.2M. Also broke records of “Aladdin” and “Toy Story 4” too who have earned $972.5M and $808.9M.

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