Titans Season 2 Is Shutting Down, Warren Appleby Killed On Set, Shocking Death But Why and How?

While fans were going crazy with the upcoming second season of Titans, here’s bad news for all of them. It is heard that the shooting of Titans Season is temporarily shut down as one of the crew members died on set. Things went out of control and fate had something else stored for the man who passed away in such a misfortunate accident.

What Happened On Set?

The crew member who died on set was Warren Appleby was the special effects coordinator on the drama. It is reported, he was killed after an accident at a special effects shop. A rehearsal was going on the set of Titans 2 where there was a scene of car stunt. During the car stunt, a piece of the car broke leading to this disastrous accident. It was a testing scene for the actual shoot. But it led to fatal results.

The shoot for season 2 is currently shut down for two days.

How Warren Died?

CREDIT: DC Entertainment/ Peter Muscat/ Twitter

The technical mishap on the set took the life of a talented person. The rehearsal involved a car flipping out and that part was successful. But metal piece from the car fell off and struck Warren in the head who was standing closeby. It was a shocking moment for all the crew members on the set.

However, the stunt coordinator was taken to a hospital on a stretcher, but the man breathed his last sigh on his way to the hospital. An investigation team is currently running an investigating regarding the whole incident.

Warren’s Colleagues Are Upset

Titans’ executive producers’ team provided a statement for this terrible incident that took place yesterday. They said that all of them are heartbroken and shattered by the death of their beloved co-worker Warren. The team also admitted that it happened during the testing scene.  Everyone also expressed their deepest condolences to Warren and his family on behalf of Titans family, Warner Bros. Television Group and DC Universe. Warren was certainly a very talented man having a career for over 25 years.

The industry had a big loss with Warren’s death. He had a successful career and he was involved with the Titans from the first season. His next work is going to be Andy Muschietti’s IT Chapter 2, which released it’s trailer today.

RIP Warren Appleby.