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“Harry Styles” Is the ‘Prince Eric’ Of The Little Mermaid’s Live Action Remake ???

Since the live-action remake of The Little Mermaid’ was announced, the Disney classic is all about the casting frenzy. Earlier, Halle Bailey, the music and acting sensation made her way to the role of Ariel. Melissa McCarthy also gets signed for the role of bad lady Ursula. Now the reports of Harry Styles joining the cast are circling around.

Harry Styles Is Portraying Prince Eric?

Harry Styles, Image Credit: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin
Harry Styles, Image Credit: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin

Styles are associated with the project to portray Prince Eric, who will woo the little mermaid. The singer is in the fame for being a One Direction band member and his appearance in Christopher Nolan’s war film Dunkirk (2017).

The Uncertainty Can Reverse The Decision?

This is obviously a piece of great news for Style’s fans, but this casing might be termed as a possibility for now. Because from ‘Variety’ it was heard that the negotiations with Style are in the early stage and it can be turned up in any way. The uncertainty is highlighted when the decision to sign Taika Waititi as writer and director of Thor 4 was reversed. Also bringing Akira’s live-action adaption in realization was announced at first by Warner Bros. But later the long-time suffering adaption went to the backburner. So, anything could happen with the recent decision.

Prince Eric, Image Credit: Disney
Prince Eric, Image Credit: Disney

Chances Are Still There

Well, the expectations will still be there as the pattern of signing the artist and Style’s fantastic candidature seems supporting. Firstly Style’s singing skills can effectively be used in this Rob Marshall-directed adaptation of The Little Mermaid. And his performance in Dunkirk was promising enough to make him an excellent candidate for Prince’s role.

Next is the ensemble that the remake has as of now is a lot of some talented folks. The casting pattern is like Melissa McCarthy is appointed for her first musical as Ursula. Also, Hailey was signed for her first lead role in the big-ticket movie.  Hence, with Style’s potential and a kind of connection with ‘The Little Mermaid’ cast, we can bid for his role in the remake.

Prince Eric and Ariel, Image Credit: Disney
Prince Eric and Ariel, Image Credit: Disney

Interestingly, Jacob Tremblay and Awkwafina are the other members of Disney’s classic live-action remake. They are portraying Flounder and Scuttle, respectively.

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