Dungeons and Dragons is Ready for an Adventure with Tyranny of Dragons at San Diego Comic con 2019

Gather together for the 2019 San Diego Comic-Con. Each year Wizard of the Coast attends a number of gaming conventions and they also sponsor several others. These events are great for trying new games, meeting new gamers and also to bump into a gaming celebrity.

San Diego comic con is going on from 18 to 21 July 2019. Fans and creators are having their best time together.

The Big Announcement

Wizards of the Coast made an amazing announcement for their fans at the comic con festival. There is going to be a revised Dungeons and Dragons adventure with ” Tyranny of Dragons”. This is going to be a single special volume re-release of the two-part adventure from 2014. Fans will get the best of both worlds as they will get Hoard of the Dragon Queen and The Rise of the Tiamat together in a single adventure.

The book has a new look and the cover looks very interesting. It is redesigned from Hydro74 and undoubtedly it looks incredible. The book cover contains all the five heads of Tiamat front and center.

What The Creators Are Saying

Stewart one of the members of the company shared that they value all the people for whom Dungeons and Dragons hold a special place in their hearts. The team is really excited to celebrate the community that has crossed five successful years. He also commented on Tyranny of Dragons saying that it is an iconic adventure and they are super happy to announce this. They have put their best efforts to make the cover memorable by putting the visage of Tiamat in a distinctive style of Hydro74.

CREDIT: https://warhorn.net

When Will Fans Get It

This new venture of Dungeons and Dragons will be sold through game and hobby stores on 22nd October. However, nothing is known about the cost of the 224-page adventure volume.

Meet Manganiello

Actor Joe Manganiello is at the BAIT Store helping fans purchase items from his Dungeons and Dragons inspired fashion brand Death Saves. The store was full of apparel having the classic D&D features.

Fans now get ready and dress up in your favorite D&D outfit to face the biggest challenge of this year.